Talking about matters needing attention when using gate valve

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Valve in the current life is whether it can be common, then we use the time to pay attention to what, small Bian here to give you a brief talk about:
1., all the valve handle and other places should be firmly used in the lifting of the use, this is wrong, the valve's hand wheel, handle, etc., is not allowed to crash.
1, gate valve features are not used to throttle, but used to open - close occasions.
2, gate valve is usually installed in the horizontal pipe, the valve stem is vertical upward, when the valve is rotated, the direction should be vertical angle with the valve stem. Installed in vertical pipe or stem is not vertical horizontal pipe can also, but sometimes require special structure, according to the valve size, application environment and material specific view. If you decide to install the valve in a special way, wonder if you want to specify the direction of the valve when ordering.
3, when the application environment for the temperature is too high, it is recommended to use flexible or modular wedge gate, you can avoid overheating due to the expansion of the gate is stuck. This may occur when the valve is cold closed and then opened.
4. In order to avoid delivery in high speed fluid or heat cycle applications, the valve body can be locked and welded to the threaded seat ring. The instructions can be specified when ordering.
5, after closing the valve, to release the stem load, you can make the valve a little bit of rotation, so that the stem is not too tight, can be slightly inflated, the valve will not stick or damage, the closing effect will not be affected.
6, if the removal of the seat ring installation lugs, high integrity shutoff valve can be used in hot water or the use of iron in the pipeline system of export. Note that when ordering, you can use it at the hot water outlet.

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