Analysis of market outlook of valve industry represented by stop check valve

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In the development of the national economy, the valve industry as an important part of the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, has a very important role. The valve in the important area of the large clean as beneficial to the people's livelihood, high power, ultra supercritical thermal power, gas and steam cycle, large ships, large chemical ships, aircraft carriers, CNG, air pollution control, city industrial wastewater treatment, city network reconstruction and other aspects have a lot of demand.
The advancement and reliability of valves are directly related to the normal operation of industrial installations and infrastructure. Over the years, through the introduction of technology and digestion and absorption and independent development, as well as technical transformation, the industry has generally improved product development, design and manufacturing levels. The global valve market is becoming more and more competitive. As the developed countries are limited by raw material resources and labor costs, the global manufacturing base of the valve is constantly transferring to developing countries such as asia. Affected by the rapid development of economy, policies to encourage and lower raw materials and labor costs and other factors, in recent years the rapid development of the valve industry Chinese and other developing countries, exports and expanding market share, and constantly replace Europe and other countries and regions, has become an important production base of the industry and the main product sales market. To measure whether an enterprise is advanced, whether it has market competitiveness and whether it can keep ahead of competitors is an important indicator, based on the technology leading to produce high-quality products, technology, technology. With the rapid development of the valve market in China, the related core production technology application and R & D will become the focus of attention in the industry. Despite the enormous challenges, with the vigorous development of China's economic construction, the valve industry has shown a thriving vitality. Now there are thousands of size valve factory, although the good and bad, but the product range has reached more than 3000 models, nearly 30000 specifications. In the sealing performance, strength requirements, regulatory functions, performance and circulation performance, especially the sealing performance, have made great progress.
In the future, especially during the 12th Five-Year, the domestic market demand for valve products may still increase. First of all, to the "end of 12th Five-Year", the national coverage of affordable housing to reach about 20%. The construction of affordable housing will stimulate a certain amount of valve usage in urban buildings. Secondly, industrial upgrading and transformation speed up. Valve manufacturers will pay more attention to high-end product production technology, high, medium and low-end products in the market to be balanced and stable, the domestic high-end valve market share will therefore be filled. Third, consumer demand for valve products higher and higher, market segmentation intensified, grasp the fragmentation of the market demand, will also bring considerable profits to manufacturers. To sum up, the future of China's valve industry market prospects are very broad.

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