Maintenance of forged steel stop valve after use

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1, steel cut off valve storage environment should pay attention to, should be stored in a dry ventilated room, and block the ends of the channel.
2, forged steel stop valve should be checked regularly, and remove the dirt on it, coated with anti rust oil on its surface.
3 、 after installing and applying the forged steel stop valve, it should be regularly checked and repaired to ensure its normal operation.
4, should see the valve sealing surface is worn, and according to the situation for repair or replacement.
5, check the forged steel cut-off valve stem and stem nut trapezoidal thread wear, packing is obsolete, etc., and make the necessary replacement.
6, the valve sealing performance should be tested to ensure its performance.
7, the operation of the valve should be intact, flange and bracket bolts complete, thread free, no loose phenomenon.
8, if the hand wheel is lost, should be promptly filled, and cannot be replaced by wrench.
9. The packing gland shall not be allowed to be askew or without pretension.
10, if the valve environment is bad, vulnerable to rain and snow, dust, sand and other dirt contaminated, it should be installed to protect the valve stem.
11, forged steel valve on the gauge should maintain complete, accurate, clear, seals, valve cap.
12 、 the problems of depression and crack of heat preservation forged steel globe valve.
13, the operation of forged steel stop valve, to avoid beating, or support heavy objects

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